Growing with God….Reaching out to the World!

Join us on Sunday mornings at  9:30 a.m. as we worship as one in our sanctuary.  Please wear a mask and observe the social distancing marks within the building.  We appreciate your efforts to contain the virus by not shaking hands or hugging your neighbor but give them a smile and a wave.  We look forward to seeing all our friends very soon.

We Are A Church with a Vision

With God’s guidance, we envision Carleton United Methodist Church as a family, alive and growing in a trusting environment; preparing everyone who enters to live and serve in the world. The Carleton United Methodist Church has a rich and diverse heritage to be proud of. We are a loving, prayerful congregation which seeks to grow spiritually by the study and application of God’s word.

If you would like more information about our church and programs call the church office today at (734) 654-2833 or by email at

Have a prayer request?  Email  All prayer requests received will be verified before being pass on through the system.